New Add-In: MailBeat

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  This month Sperry Software is introducing a new add-in, called MailBeat. Let’s say you use Outlook as an order processing system that’s kept in a locked room. What happens if the mailbox on that machine gets a full mailbox? What happens if there’s a prompt that requires user input? What if there’s a power outage or an operating system update that requires a reboot? All these scenarios end with the same result: Outlook will no longer process emails.
The add-in we’ve created is basically a heartbeat monitor for email. The add-in sends out an email, and it must be responded to within 30 minutes or it raises an alarm and alerts you (or your team) about the lack of a reply so you can fix the problem.
The add-in can also act as an auto responder (for those emails only, not as a general purpose auto responder) or you can use Outlook rules to reply. This way, one machine (with the add-in installed) can monitor many different machines all at once. Or, you can have two machines (both with the add-in installed) watching each other so that if either one goes down the other can respond.
This add-in is in beta, but you can download a free 14-day trial to try it out.

Weekly Fixes and New Features

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A new feature to add page numbers to the saved PDF email has been developed. This is in response to a paralegal who sent in a request: “I had an example today when I printed several witness testimony outlines from Box. The page numbers were missing on the outlines, all of which were 15 pages long. Without line numbers, it made it difficult to locate pages during the direct and cross-examination process in Court when referring to these outlines. The goal is to make the saved as PDF email look exactly the same as the original e-mail in Outlook.” No worries paralegals, the add-in now has the ability to add page numbers – just like when you print it from Outlook.

Distribution List Manager has had a bug fixed that prevented the add-in from showing more information about the distribution list. Now once a distribution list is being viewed (in its own window), you can see how many people are on the distribution list, when the distribution list was created, and when it was last modified by clicking the “Examine distribution list” button.

Send Individually can now read directly recipients directly from Excel files. To activate this feature, click on the Create New Campaign button, then the add-in will ask you if you want to send to Outlook Contacts or to contacts listed in an Excel file. In addition, buttons that are appropriate to Excel contacts or to Outlook contacts are now displayed properly, instead of all of them being shown at once.

Fixed: If any punctuation marks other than wildcards (*, ?) were in the filter area of any add-in, that add-in choked on the filter and would not process the email. This affected every add-in that has a built in filter, (like Auto Print, Attachment Save, Save As PDF, among others) and used any punctuation characters in the filter. The error occurred because we switched from using traditional wildcard characters to using regular expressions, but failed to properly encode the filter string before passing it onto the regular expression parser.


10 Things You Should Not Put In Email

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Elizabeth Charnock, of Cataphora (which makes e-discovery software for the legal community) listed 10 things you should never put in an email.  The premise is that if you are going to write these phrases, then you are most likely writing something that shouldn’t be in an email.  Statements like “I really shouldn’t put this in writing but…”, or “Is this actually legal?” should be red flags in your head to stop typing and start thinking.  You can read all 10 statements on Roger Matus’ insightful Death By Email blog.


After thinking about this a bit, I realized that our Safeguard Send add-in – with it’s ability to inspect emails before they are sent out – might be useful here.  Because the add-in can search for phrases (like the ones listed by Elizabeth Charnock) as well as keywords, it can put up a warning prompt before the email goes out to help users think before hitting Send.

Back from Tech Ed 2008

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  We’re back from Tech Ed 2008!  Jim standing at our booth


  It was a great event – the venue (Orlando Convention Center) was terrific, not to mention the largest building I’ve ever been in.  Shown in the image is James, along with our display booth.


  We’d like to thank the customers that stopped by to see us, like Majestic Realty and Con-way,  among others. 


  We’d also like to thank all the potential customers for coming by the booth.  We received several ideas for new add-ins, as well as feature requests for existing add-ins. 


  Remember that if you received the Tech Ed 2008 20% discount code, that it expires at the end of the month.


  Thanks again! 


  Mike Sperry 

  Find 37 Outlook add-ins that can make a difference!

Tech Ed 2008

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Will you be at Tech Ed 2008 in Orlando, FL this year?  If so, stop by our booth and say hello!  Since this year’s Tech Ed event is broken up into two parts (a developer’s conference and an Exchange administrator’s conference), we will be at the second half only – June 10 through June 13. 

If you haven’t made plans yet and would like to go, please contact us because we have a discount code good for $400 off the normal regular entry fee.  This offer is on a limited, first come, first served basis.  Just email to get the details on how to obtain your full conference attendee pass for just $1,595.

If you’ve ever wanted to meet us, please come by booth 430.  We’re excited to be there and to meet you as well.

 Tech Ed 2008 Logo

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