Outlook Desktop Add-In

All of these products are for your Outlook desktop – that is, they are downloaded and run in Outlook, and show up in the Outlook ribbon (or toolbar). These products work in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007.

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  • Add Email Address

    Automatically add as contacts people you reply to or send to. Become more organized by setting up the add-in to show you each name it adds or just have it automatically add contacts without any intervention by you.

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  • Always BCC

    Does your assistant or your boss need to be copied on email? This add-in will perform either a BCC (blind carbon copy) or a CC (carbon copy) automatically, every time you email. Easily create a record of important emails automatically.

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  • Attachment Forget Me Not

    This add-in scans each outgoing email and asks you if you meant to attach a file before sending the e-mail, giving you a chance to insert the attachment.

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  • Attachment Save

    Save space in your inbox! Keep your email in Outlook and your attachments in a separate Windows folder with this powerful add-in. Automatically replaces attachments with a link to the file.

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  • Auto Print

    Finally, an add-in that automatically prints email when it arrives at your Inbox without you having to do anything. Save time by automating those repetitive chores.

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  • Compliance Copies

    Do you need to BCC or CC to multiple different people? This add-in is similar to our Always BCC add-in except that it handles multiple rules for multiple different people. It even provides for exceptions to the rules!

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  • Contacts Sort Order

    Stay organized by updating all your contacts and address books with either 'last name, first name' order or 'first name, last name' order. This add-in automates what is otherwise a tedious, error prone process and is free.

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  • Distribution List Manager

    Wouldn't it be great if when you're reading an email, you could click just one button and have all the email addresses be added to a single distribution list? Well now you can. You can also easily see which DLs a given contact belongs to.

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