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  • Global Search and Replace screenshot

    Global Search and Replace

    Easily update many contacts, appointments or tasks with this handy tool. Perfect for updating contacts after an area code split, or companies change names, even when a group of tasks must have all their due dates updated.

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  • Hide Fax Numbers Automatic screenshot

    Hide Fax Numbers

    In Outlook all the many duplicate email names that popup when you select the “To:” can be a pain. This add-in prevents Outlook from showing fax numbers as email addresses.

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  • MailBeat Typical Configuration screenshot

    Mail Beat

    Get notified when your critical email systems go down. This add-in ensures resiliency by sending an email every 30 minutes that must be responded to and it alerts you in the absence of an expected email.

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  • Mobile Email Redirect settings screenshot

    Mobile Email Redirect

    This add-in forwards the email you deem important to your email capable cell phone or pager but when you reply, the message goes back to the original sender. It saves space on tiny screens and more importantly, saves your thumbs.

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  • Outlook rules manager image (editor view)

    Power Rules Manager

    Sort, print and edit your Outlook rules right from a convenient grid format. Includes four validation checks including finding duplicate rules.

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  • Print attachments or email (or both) image

    Print On Demand

    This add-in installs two new buttons when you view your email that allow you to 1) easily print the email along with the number of attachments and each attachment's name and 2) print (just) each attachment.

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  • Canned responses sample image

    Quick Text Hotkeys

    Save time by inserting with a function key frequently used text like header/footers, business signatures or family/friend signatures, subject lines, anything that you can type into an Outlook email, contact, note, etc.

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  • insert random quotes into email screenshot

    Random Quote Insert

    Ever wonder where people get those clever quotes attached at the bottom of their emails? This add-in allows you to add famous quotes to your outgoing email.

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