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What’s New

Auto Print, Save As PDF, and Schedule Recurring Email were released out of beta (for version 6.0).  These new versions are specifically designed for Windows 10 and Outlook 2016.  Previous versions did not work with Outlook 2016.

Rename Attachments, an add-in that automatically renames your attachments (or allows you to right click, then rename an attachment in place) is now out of beta.

Timed Email Organizer is a brand new add-in which replaces your Outlook rules. Unlike Outlook, this add-in will act on emails based on how old they are, supports ANDs, ORs, and wildcards in the conditions, and has a test mode so that you can see what the effect of a given rule would be if it were run. It will import your current Outlook rules and even automatically disable them for you. This add-in is currently in beta.

Power Rules Manager now allows you to drag and drop rules in the grid to be able to quickly change the execution order of your Outlook rules.

VCard Converter is now available in French. This is the fourth language for this particular add-in and the first one in French.

We have a new add-in! Rename Attachments will automatically rename your attachments “on the fly” or allow you to rename them without having to manually remove them, rename them, then add them back to the email. It’s a great time saver! You can read more about it on our Outlook add-in blog.

Announcing our first Spanish language add-in! VCard Converter, an add-in that imports and exports VCards to and from Outlook, has been translated to Spanish. We look forward to creating more international versions.

An article on how to import your Outlook rules was published. It covers how to import with and without the Power Rules Manager add-in, and what to do when there’s a problem while importing.

Our newest add-in to be released out of beta is Power Rules Manager. This add-in for Microsoft Outlook presents your Outlook rules in a grid format so you can easily see them all. Sort, edit and print your rules with ease. Remove duplicate rules, merge rules, and much more.

Do you need to make sure that your Outlook systems are always up & running? Ensure resiliency of your critical emails with our new MailBeat add-in. It sends out an email at regular intervals that must be responded – otherwise the add-in will alert you that the system may be down. This add-in is now in beta.

Our Schedule Recurring Email add-in for Outlook 2013 has been released from beta! It now has the ability to schedule emails hourly and allows you to add or subtract a few days from a monthly or yearly schedule. Read more information about these new features and more on our blog.

Quick Text Hotkeys, an add-in that inserts frequently used text with a single hotkey has been released out of beta.

Send Individually, an add-in to send email newsletters and other communications right from your Outlook, is now out of beta for Outlook 2013 and also supports reading Excel files directly. Our Outlook add-in blog covers this in more detail.

Auto Print, an add-in to automatically print emails and attachments, is now available in German. Our Outlook add-in blog covers this and other changes made this week.

Save As PDF, an add-in to save emails and attachments to PDF, is released out of beta (for Outlook 2013, that is). It also has three new features: 1) The ability to always create PDF attachments out of the email attachments (that is, they don’t get transcribed), 2) The option of adding the mailbox owner name to the top of the generated PDF email, and 3) the option to not include the mailbox owner name in the path when using the “mimic Outlook folder structure” option. This last feature is useful in shared workgroup environments. A more complete discussion can be found on our Outlook add-in blog.

Sperry Software’s new Outlook add-in Zoom Email Windows is now being released out of beta. This tool for Microsoft Outlook automatically zooms all your Outlook windows, and even zooms and holds the Outlook 2010 preview pane. Outlook already has the ability to zoom your windows (just scroll the mouse wheel up or down!), but this add-in makes it automatic so that you don’t need to do a thing. This new version is only for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Our Always BCC Add-In is now available in German! It is the 4th add-in to be translated along with Vcard Converter, Hide Fax Numbers, and Reply To All Monitor.

Do you need to CC or BCC your bosses or assistants based on multiple different conditions? Our new Compliance Copies Add-In for Microsoft Outlook has been released to beta and will automatically CC or BCC different recipients based on multiple different rules. It’s like our Always BCC Add-In on steroids!