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Sales: (800) 878-1645 x2

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International callers (outside the US): +001-904-343-7408


Sperry Software is located at:

Sperry Software, Inc.

833 Pheasant Ct

St Johns, FL 32259

8 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Just a note to thank you SO much for yout Address Book Contacts Add-On program. I had to give up my beloved 12-year old Windows XP computer when it finally died last week and I’ve been struggling with setting up a new Windows 8.1 computer the past few days. I was so frustrated that I couldnt find a way to automatically add contacts to my Outlook 2013 address book. But then, when googling my problem, I read about your program. It was so easy to install that even this 70-year-old dinosaur was able to do it. You should give seminars on how to design programs that even people like me, who are too stupid to operate computers, can understand. Thanks so much!

  2. Hi,

    Does the tool work with delegated access granted by the mailbox owner?
    Mailbox Full Access, Send-As access granted by the O365 administrator?

  3. We have email accounts for a volunteer group. When emailing parents we need to BCC so as not to reveal the other parent’s email addresses. Otherwise, this is classed as a data breach and a documented process and the affected parents have to be contacted.

    We need for an email with more than a set number of email addresses in the TO field to be checked and a sanity popup to show and ask if the email should be sent as it is or the email addresses are to be moved, automatically to the BCC field.

    Would it be possible to do this or something similar with your software?

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  5. The software is currently supporting Windows 10. What will happen when I upgrade to Windows 11? Will I need to purchase an update or will you push out a software update to all users?

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