Secure Outlook Plugins For Everyone

Sperry Outlook solutions are built using best practices and designed to save you time. Take hold of your inbox, be more productive, and eliminate mistakes with Sperry plugins, add-ins, and tools for Outlook. Make your email life easy even if you’re too busy to manage your inbox!

Whether Big or Small, Sperry Has Solutions

Big business or small team, email is limited the same. Sperry has solutions that cater to all business, from SMB to full enterprise. We also custom build Outlook plugin solutions based on your needs and workflow. Learn more below, or feel free to contact us to start your custom project.


Outlook Desktop Solutions

Explore our extensive line of the best Outlook add-ins

These powerful utilities fill the gaps in Outlook ability, allowing you to automatically print, save emails as PDFs, schedule emails, prevent mistakes, manage your rules, and much more.


Office 365 Solutions

See our Office 365 solutions that work with your Outlook 365 account, but operate from our secure servers.

Office 365 Cloud? We have solutions! Our Office 365 plugins are enterprise grade, with subscriptionplans monthly, annually, and more.


Enterprise Tools & Solutions

Sperry provides customized enterprise-class solutions to fill your particular Outlook needs.

We have offered this service for years and have developed solutions for centralized control. Our enterprise Outlook plugins are designed for your use case, and your organization.

Amazing Tech Support & Updates for 2 Years

Sperry Software operates on great support for our customers, and you are no exception. When you buy a Sperry solution for Outlook, you are licensed and covered for 2 years. Every Outlook plugin, add-in, or tool, no matter big or small, comes with full Sperry support. Have questions, need help, or have a custom project?

Our Customers Love Us! We Hope You Do Too

But don’t take our word for it. Our customers LOVE the Outlook integrations we have built. We work with large to small, and we work hard to accomplish any goal. We have 7300+ great reviews, and it’s growing day by day. Get in touch to learn what Sperry can do for you!

“The use I have gotten out of the Sperry Software outlook add-in has been priceless. It adds value to my work and makes my life easier. It rarely has issues that compromise it’s functionality.”

Andrew K

“This Ms Outlook addin saves me countless hours, organizing my outlook emails. Such functionality is priceless – all organization should use this addin.”

Miguel R

“You have an amazing and comprehensive website with products that will make my life much easier. Thank you for your time and effort to make these products possible.”

Bud M

Still Overwhelmed By Your Inbox? Lets Talk!

Overflowing inboxes are a hassle for anyone, and flood a workflow, especially in a team environment. We at Sperry Software realize this and have developed a powerful suite of Outlook plugins, add-ins, and tools designed to enhance your day to day communication. Our Outlook solutions are best in class, always up to date, and offer unparalleled support, with a real person.

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