Technical Support for our Outlook Add-Ins:

Sperry Software is dedicated to providing first-class support. Two years of upgrades, activations, and support are provided with every add-in purchase.

New: Help Desk

Having a technical issue? Check out our new help desk support portal. It contains the answers to 95% of the most frequently reported problems, plus you can create a support ticket right there if you need to.

If you’re having trouble with one of our add-ins, we’re here to help you. Most problems can be resolved by using one of the suggestions below:

1. Do you need to reinstall on a new or rebuilt machine? You can reinstall by simply downloading a fresh copy of the add-in, then supply your order number when asked. If you know which add-in you had, then you can view all our add-in downloads (in alphabetical order). If you don’t know which add-in you had, or if you don’t know your order number, then you’ll need a copy of the download/installation instructions email that was sent to you when you originally purchased (it was sent from [email protected] if you’re searching your archives). You can also sign into your account to get your specific download links, your order number, and view your support tickets.

Otherwise, you can request your download/installation instructions email to be resent (it will have the order id you need). Note that this is an automated process, and so the email will go to the email address on record.

2. You can make sure you’re using our newest versions

Be sure to uninstall your previous versions first; how to do this is explained in the link.

3. You can view the help file that is distributed with each add-in

It has information like how to run the add-in after installing it, where to find it in Outlook, how to configure the add-in and general instructions on its use.

4. You can browse our support tools

We make available a number of tools to help you, like a registry cleaner, a tool to help reset the add-in, plus others. While they are all self-explanatory, normally you are guided by the support team to download and run these tools.

5. You can communicate with other Outlook users and our tech support staff

Have a question or need some assistance? Try our Facebook page. You can post your question and get a response from other users of our software, plus our tech support staff monitors the page. You might even find that your question has already been asked and answered by someone else. We’re also on Facebook, LinkedIn, and you can read our Blog.

6. Browser our support articles

Browser our support articles for answers. This my be the fastest way to find a solution to your issue.

7. You can open a support ticket

Open a support ticket with Sperry tech support. Someone will be able to help diagnose your problem and reply back via email. Support is handled via email and our support ticketing system.

8. You can do a search for other Outlook errors

These are errors (and possible fixes) as reported by Microsoft’s web site. If you think you have a general Outlook problem that cannot be resolved on their website, you can contact Microsoft Outlook Technical Support. You should uninstall any add-ins and see if the problem goes away before getting in touch with them.

Finally, you can try referencing the Microsoft Answers Community. For help with all types of questions regarding Microsoft Office, you can also visit This is a free Microsoft-managed community support site where other Microsoft Office users from around the world contribute by asking questions and by answering other users’ questions. Language support for these communities varies.