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23 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. We have email accounts for a volunteer group. When emailing parents we need to BCC so as not to reveal the other parent’s email addresses. Otherwise, this is classed as a data breach and a documented process and the affected parents have to be contacted.

    We need for an email with more than a set number of email addresses in the TO field to be checked and a sanity popup to show and ask if the email should be sent as it is or the email addresses are to be moved, automatically to the BCC field.

    Would it be possible to do this or something similar with your software?

    • Hello,
      I, regularly send Attached PDF Folders Via-Email to my contractor to Revved send document sign and returned to me
      for some reason I, having problems sending them send around 18 founders each month I, notice I, able to send founders using ( Schedule Recurring Email add-in
      could you please help to set this up ?
      my e-mail [email protected]
      my office phone 562 626 7606
      Thanks very much In advance for your support
      r / Jose

  2. The software is currently supporting Windows 10. What will happen when I upgrade to Windows 11? Will I need to purchase an update or will you push out a software update to all users?

    • Kim,

      Nothing special should happen when you upgrade to Windows 11. Even if something did happen, you can simply download the latest version for up to two years after purchasing.

  3. I am not happy with the support and the software…
    I bought the Power Rules Manager because they are writing on the page:
    “Works with Microsoft Exchange Server but doesn’t require it”

    I contacted support because the program has a lot of errors. Also, it is hardly possible to work with large sets of rules. But that’s exactly why this purchase makes sense in the first place.
    The support may not help me further. Instead, they claim that the program is not intended for Outlook, but only for Exchange. This contradicts the advertising, which says that it works with Exchange but does not need it.
    I also did a test with an Exchange account. The errors are also there. So I think it has nothing to do with that.
    Now support would rather refund the money than deal with it further. But I don’t care about the money, because I need this software.
    So if this is the support, I can only advise any buyer: Hands off, from this purchase!

  4. Your “save as PDF” add-in has an issue:
    “ the PDF appears to be malformed and does not have a “trailer” structure at the end”
    After receiving not useful reply to my ticket #61551, I am now ignored for two weeks.
    The evaluation period for your package already expired.
    I would have expected that even if you don`t know how to fix this issue you would have replied to a potential customer.

  5. Hello,

    I am using the outlook to pdf product that I purchased. I am using the batch process to gather info into a series of PDFs. The renaming feature allows for a number of options. However I am running into a limitation of around 145 characters as a maximum file name length. Is there a way to expand the length of the file name?

  6. FYI, I can confirm that ‘power rules manager’ works perfectly well with up to 1200 rules in outlook 2016 in either pop/smtp mode or exchange mode.

  7. It would be a great improvement to have 2 or 3 standard e-mail folders selected for the rules in timed email organiser.
    I have two often used e-mail folders with different names – and every time I have to add a rule – I have to select the second – and it is not the most responsive way if you folders in different emails

  8. I installed the trial program but after having activeted it on my Office 365 Outlook I cannot send out any email as I have the following Errore message:

    Operation failed.Unknown error of message transfer interface.If the problem persists,restart Outlook.Unable to resolve recipient

    Maybe the proble was that I didn’t sed you the email message that was probabily needed for the activation?
    I have unistallet it but I get same error

  9. Changed windows from 10 to 11. I needed to reinstall “Save as PDF” so I purchased a new copy. Just wanted to let you know that the original add in has worked well since originally purchased in August 2017.

  10. I recently have been a long time user of the Save As add In – I upgrade to Windows 11 22H2 and then got spurious text left in my email, I was told to try and upgrade to see if Save As Pro worked ok which it did.

    When I asked if this was a free upgrade as the original product did not work or if I got a discount if I had to pay to upgrade I never got a reply.

    Poor quality customer Service

  11. Hi,

    We have a need for an outlook add-in that will ask the user to make sure to perform an action via a popup when they close an email?

  12. I have been a subscriber of Sperry Software for some time. I recently re-subscribed: order: 2023104790 . Can I install this on two computers that have 2 users each?. Or do I need to purchase another subscription.

  13. Sperry’s Global Search and Replace is an excellent utility in my database conversions from various CRM systems to Microsoft Outlook. I could write VBA code to remove the “+1” from USA phone numbers, but never to remove varying date and time stamps like “1/14/2024 10:06:23 AM” in the body text notes that Outlook automatically enters upon import. Mike Sperry’s wild card codes such as “Mm/Dd/Yyyy_h:mm:ss_AM—” are a work of genius. Bravo!

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