Downloads (for v6.0 Betas)

This section lists the available v6.0 beta versions of all our add-ins.

In general, the following issues have been addressed or fixed:

  • Support for Windows 10
  • Support for Outlook 2016
  • Improved performance when used with Exchange 2013 (like Office 365, for example)
  • Support for FIPS compliant computers (i.e., military/government installations)
  • Better support when installing 32-bit versions on 64-bit systems
  • Support for per-user or per-machine installs (I.e., we now support Citrix/Terminal Server)
  • Improved Outlook folder chooser
    • Add-Ins no longer allow “root folders” to be chosen by mistake
    • Outbox, Drafts, Search folders and other non-standard folders are given a warning now
  •  Spiffy new graphics

In addition, there have been many bug fixes (too many to list) but here are a few standouts:

  • Opening of regular Outlook messages (.msg files) twice in a row would fail.  The lock that the add-ins held was not released properly and now is.
  • Sometimes emails would be “dropped” especially if the mailbox was accepting 16 or more emails at once. Performance while handling emails has also been improved in general.
  • Add-Ins no longer use “.msg” for inter-process communication (some companies did not allow files with the “.msg” extension to be created).  Note that we are referring to our own interprocess communication between say, Outlook and any other supporting executable and not Outlook messages themselves.


Most of our add-ins are now being released (if they haven’t been already).  Be sure to check the individual add-in’s page.