Office 365 Apps

These are “modern” Microsoft Office 365 apps and add-ins, meaning they work on desktop Outlook, Macs, Office on the web, and in some cases, on Outlook for Android and iPhone. They are sold as subscriptions.

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    Phishing Net AI for Microsoft 365

    New! This Microsoft 365 app adds a button to your Outlook toolbar that uses AI to detect spear phishing emails and allows you to easily submit suspected phishing emails or any suspicious emails to your corporate security officer or other official anti-phishing groups.

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    Safeguard Send for Microsoft 365

    Are you worried about your users carelessly sending emails to the wrong people? Is letting users respond to phishing emails or perhaps classified information spills a concern for you?  This Outlook add-in helps you avoid these mistakes and provides an external email warning whenever sending an email outside your company.

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    Send Individually for Microsoft 365

    Grow your business with this email tool built specifically for Microsoft 365 users and easily reach your most important people one to one. Designed with simplicity in mind, send personalized emails right from your mailbox.

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