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Try Microsoft itself first. This link will bring you to Microsoft’s site which lists Outlook resources (and Office in general, including Outlook 365. You can then use the Search bar in the upper left corner to narrow down your results, or click on any of the displayed items.

One of the two best web sites for Outlook is SlipStick. SlipStick (a rustic term for a slide rule) is a site run by Diane Poremsky, author and columnist. Microsoft references her site on its website. SlipStick is devoted to researching and solving problems with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server.

The other site is Howto-Outlook. This site is also a comprehensive Outlook resource for solving almost anything that ails you (in the email world anyway). It’s run by Robert Sparnaiij who is, like Diane Poremsky, an MVP in the Outlook world. It features a great selection of add-ins, how-to’s, and a vibrant forum for asking questions.

Speaking of community forums, one of the best for email trouble is either the Outlook community or depending on the exact nature of your problem, possibly the Office 365 newsgroup. If you take advantage of either of these resources, remember that while Microsoft hosts the site it is frequently (but not always) staffed by volunteers. To help them you should at least mention which version of Outlook you’re running.