This page contains a list of tools available to help with issues with the add-ins:

Uninstall AddIns Tool Normally the add-ins are uninstalled via Control Panel…(Programs and Features)…Uninstall a Program. However, sometimes there are leftover artifacts for various reasons. So when all else fails, this tool will forcibly remove any Sperry Software add-ins that may be on your system. This tool incorporates the Uninstall Toolbars tool and the Registry Cleaner tool in addition to performing its own actions.
Uninstall AddIns Tool (As a zip file) Sometimes browsers block tools like the one above from being able to be directly downloaded and run. To fix this, we have created a zip file that contains the above tool. Simply download it and extract it, and you should be able to run it.
Prevent Add-In Disable Tool This tool prevents Outlook from disabling the add-in(s) because of performance reasons. It incorporates the Enable Addin Tool below. It is highly recommended to run it as an administrator. To do this, exit Outlook, download the tool, right click on it, and choose to install as an administrator (otherwise the necessary registry modifications may not take place), then after it finishes restart Outlook.
Disable Bitness Check Tool This tool eliminates the pop up message: “This installer is for 32-bit Outlook and it appears that you have 64-bit Outlook” that sometimes happens during installation, especially if you previously had 64-bit Outlook installed on the machine, then downgraded to the 32-bit version. This message can also be shown if the opposite is true, that is, you had 32-bit Outlook at one point and upgraded to 64-bit Outlook.  Running this tool prevents our installer from checking which version of Outlook you have. After downloading and running the tool, be sure restart the install.
Add-ins Reset Tool This tool will reset the “Sperry Software Engine” as if you just installed it (but your configuration settings will not be destroyed).
Registry Cleaner Tool This tool will erase all settings for the add-ins after they have been deleted or uninstalled. It is normal for the add-ins uninstall process to not delete the settings, so that if you choose to upgrade you won’t have to remember all your settings.
Enable Addin Tool This tool enables the add-in after you get the message “Outlook has experienced a serious error with the ‘Sperry Software Add-In Engine’. Would you like to disable it?”.
To prevent this from happening in the future, see the Prevent Add-In Disable tool (which is recommended over this one).
Office PIA Setup Tool Similar to the above tools, this tool is for any users who are experiencing the error that says “Load behavior: Not loaded. A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in.” Simply save the file to your computer, exit Outlook, right click on it and choose to install as an administrator (otherwise the necessary files won’t copy over), then after it finishes restart Outlook.