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Technical Support for our Outlook Add-Ins

Are you having trouble with one of our add-ins? We're here to help you. Most problems can be resolved by using one of the suggestions below:

New Knowledge Base
Having a technical issue? Have a question about the add-in? Check out our new searchable knowledge base. It contains the answers to 95% of the most frequently reported problems.

1. You can request that your own keys be resent
Did you lose your keys or rebuild your machine? You can have your order email resent with your registration keys if you have the email address you used when you ordered or your order id.

2. You can make sure you're using our newest versions
Be sure to uninstall your previous versions first by going to Control Panel...Add/Remove Programs, find the add-in in the list and select Remove. Then, download and install the newest one. You can get the download URL from the email that was sent to you when you purchased. If you aren't currently a customer, you need to purchase the add-in(s).

3. You can view the help file that is distributed with each add-in
It has information like how to run the add-in after installing it, where to find it in Outlook, how to configure the add-in and general instructions on its use.

4. You can browse our support tools
We make available a number of tools to help you, like a registry cleaner, a tool to help reset the add-in, plus others. While they are all self-explanatory, normally you are guided by the support team to download and run these tools.

5. You can communicate with other Outlook users and our tech support staff
Have a question or need some assistance? Try our facebook page. You can post your question and get a response from other users of our software, plus our tech support staff monitors the page. You might even find that your question has already been asked and answered by someone else.

6. You can make a suggestion
You can make a suggestion about anything...a recommendation for the website, a comment or compliment about the add-ins or the service you've received, a feature request for an add-in, or even a new idea for an add-in.

7. You can contact us by email or phone
If you still can't resolve your problem, you can always reach us by email or phone. We prefer that you use our contact form so that we can look up your order to see what you purchased via your email address. Be sure to include your order id if you're not emailing from your registered email address or if you're calling. Also include your exact version of Outlook. You can tell which version of Outlook you have by going to Help...About (in Outlook 2003 or 2007), File...Help (in Outlook 2010), and File...Info...About (in Outlook 2013). We'll need this in order to be able to reproduce the problem you're having.

If the add-in is working but not functional for some reason, you can avoid a step. To help us debug the problem, you can you turn on the log file and then send that to us.  To turn it on, go to (in Outlook) to Sperry Software...Options.  Check the "Enable writing to the log file", then restart Outlook and try to duplicate the problem.  Then click the "Send To Support" button, put down a brief description of the problem in the email and send it in. Someone will be able to diagnose the problem and reply back to the email you sent from unless you specify otherwise.

Even better, if your problem is viewable you can send us a screen shot. To get a screen shot, just press Alt+PrntScrn on your keyboard (when your screen is ready, that is). This puts it into a copy/paste buffer. Then just open Word, paste it in, and send it in.

International callers, please call +1 904-343-7408.

8. You can do a search for other Outlook errors
These are errors (and possible fixes) as reported by Microsoft's web site. If you think you have a general Outlook problem that cannot be resolved on their website, you can call the Microsoft Outlook Technical Support number at (800) 426-9400. You should uninstall any add-ins and see if the problem goes away before calling them.
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