Feature Comparison of Save As PDF versus Save As PDF Pro

What’s the difference between the Save As PDF add-in and the Save As PDF Pro add-in?



Converts emails and/or attachments to PDF

Rename the resulting PDF file according to subject, sender, date, etc.

Transcribes the attachments to PDF to follow immediately after the email

Execute a program on the resulting PDF after creation

Assign a category to the email after processing so you know it's done

Rules to save different emails as PDF into different folders, depending on conditions you set

  Shows rules in a convenient grid format

  Displays when the rule was last created, modified, and used

Save as one large PDF file

  Save as a PDF Portfolio with different layout options

  Move the email to a different folder after processing

  Define rules that are mapped to the toolbar buttons

Define the rules that govern the batch operations

Schedule rules to convert after hours

Can act on emails arriving in shared mailboxes

Can act on emails arriving in public folders

  Convert Windows files into PDF

Backup and restore the rules

Save As PDF


Save As PDF Pro


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