How To Uninstall Add-Ins From Microsoft Outlook®

To keep a clean system, or sometimes to install new versions of add-ins, it is sometimes necessary to uninstall any unneeded Outlook add-ins. There are basically two ways, from Windows using the Control Panel, and from the setup program itself. Assuming that the installation program is well written, there is no difference between the two methods.

How to uninstall Outlook add-ins from Windows:

  1. Exit Outlook
  2. Go to Start…Control Panel…Programs and Features…Uninstall a Program
  3. Look for the manufacturer’s name in the list
  4. Highlight your selection and select Remove

The above method works on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, and is Sperry Software’s preferred way.

This next method requires that you have the original setup executable.

How to uninstall add-ins from Outlook using an add-in’s setup program:

  1. Exit Outlook
  2. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the setup EXE that was originally used to install
  3. Double click it to start it
  4. Select Remove from the list

Note that not all add-ins support uninstalling both ways, but almost all add-ins support at least one of these two ways.

Still having trouble? You can follow these tips to further help.

How to remove stubborn add-ins:

  1. Reboot your system
  2. If you can, try one of the other methods listed above
  3. If you’re removing a Sperry Software add-in, you can use our Uninstall Add-Ins tool

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