Updating Your Outlook Add-Ins

If your add-in is currently installed then you can check for updates by going to (in Outlook) Sperry Software tab, click the red/blue Sperry Software icon, then click on the About button (in the lower left). There are two version numbers, one (on the left hand pane, in bold) is the main “engine” or framework. The individual add-in version number is on the right hand pane.

In any case you can check for updates by clicking on the Check Now… button. If there is a new update available, you’ll be notified on the next steps.

Note that the Check Now… button only checks the “engine” version. Sperry Software sometimes makes minor bug fix releases available so it might be beneficial to download and install a new version anyway. You can read these instructions on how to reinstall your add-ins. You shouldn’t need your order number, as the add-in will remember that you already activated it.

Note that if you have the Outlook 2003 version (version 3.9.7 or less) then it will be necessary for you to upgrade by first uninstalling your current add-ins (via Control Panel…Add/Remove Programs) then downloading the add-ins again from the same link you were sent in your order email. If you don’t have your order email, you can request that it be resent to you. Note that the upgrade is free if your order is less than two years old; otherwise you must purchase it again (although at 50% off – email us for the discount code).

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If you are having issues with the add-ins, please check our new Knowledge Base.