Deprecated Add-Ins (Incoming Mail Organizer, Sent Items Organizer, and Delete Stale Emails)

One of the goals at Sperry Software has been to slim down the product line.  At one point we had 49 (!) different add-ins.  This was clearly too many, and caused a lot of confusion among our customers.

With the release of the Timed Email Organizer, it is no longer necessary to have these three add-ins since the Timed Email Organizer add-in does the work of all three.  It has “rules” that can emulate the functionality of all three of these add-ins, plus it will read your current add-ins’ settings and import them to get you started quickly.

As a result, we will no longer be supporting these add-ins as stand alone products.

The good news is that if you purchased within the last two years, you can get a free upgrade to the Timed Email Organizer!  Just email [email protected] with your previous order number and we’ll let you know how to get your free copy.

If it’s been longer than two years, then you still qualify for our previous customer discount.  You can email [email protected] with your previous order number for that as well.

One side note: you can still buy the stand alone add-ins if you need to, just be aware that we will no longer be updating or supporting it (in particular for Outlook 2016).  We are making this available so that you can still activate it if necessary.