Getting Help For Office 365 Apps

This page helps you to identify what kind of issues might occur while you are running our subscription based add-ins, known as Office 365 applications, along with resolutions or suggestions on where to go for further help.

It’s important to note that we are talking about our new style “modern” add-ins, not our line of desktop Outlook add-ins, which have their own well-defined techniques for handling issues on our support page.

The first problem that may be encountered is trouble when going to install the app.  We recommend trying to install the app using a different client before anything else.  For example, if you are trying to install using Outlook on the web, then instead try it using desktop Outlook.  Note that the URLs to install our products are all case sensitive.

Similarly, and this applies whether you’re trying to install or debug an issue after installing, is to try the app on an incognito (or private) browser.  In fact, simply trying it on a different machine might shed some light.

Do not try to use Internet Explorer 11 – right now, none of our “modern” add-ins support running under IE11.  The majority of other browsers are supported, including Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.

If the add-in works in Outlook on the web, but not in desktop Outlook, you might want to take a look at our general guide for debugging Outlook issues.  It’s possible that there’s an issue with Outlook itself.

If you need to remove the app for any reason, you can follow these instructions on how to remove Office 365 apps.  In addition, it may help if you clear the Office cache after doing so.  Microsoft has instructions on how to clear the Office cache for Windows, Mac and iOS.

Microsoft also makes available a troubleshooting guide for Office Add-ins.  It’s highly recommended especially for installation errors like “Error loading add-in” in the status bar.

You can reach out to us by submitting any screenshots and other information you have to [email protected].  If you’re using Windows, you can get a screenshot by going to Start, type “Snipping Tool”, then click New to start the process.  Once you grab the image, paste it into an email along with any other information you have and address it to tech support. The tech support email address can be found on our Contact Us page.

Note that if you have a free subscription, then it is unlikely that you will hear back from us directly but we do watch our servers for spikes in errors.  In general when we fix something, we announce it on our blog and in our newsletter.

Finally, you can try referencing the Microsoft Answers Community. For help with all types of questions regarding Microsoft Office, you can also visit This is a free Microsoft-managed community support site where other Microsoft Office users from around the world contribute by asking questions and by answering other users’ questions. Language support for these communities varies.