Safeguard Send for Microsoft 365

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Are you worried about your users carelessly sending emails to the wrong people? Is letting users respond to phishing emails or perhaps classified information spills a concern for you?  This Outlook add-in helps you avoid these mistakes and provides an external email warning whenever sending an email outside your company.


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It’s a problem when you pick the wrong recipients by mistake, and then send the email.  And in the legal world, if you or a user accidently emails opposing legal counsel or other recipients it can be disastrous.  This can sometimes happen by having two names listed for one person, where one is a work email address and the other is a personal email address.  Then when composing the email and using the tab key to pick and choose recipients, the wrong “John Smith” is inadvertently chosen.  This mistake has happened many times, including as far back as 2014.

Safeguard Send for Microsoft 365 helps to solve this and other issues when going to send emails by checking outgoing email, looking for incorrect recipients and other potential violations, for example examining email subjects, bodies and attachments, etc., to make sure they are in compliance with your business rules.  If not, then it provides an external email warning prompt.

Warning prompt with email addresses shown

Notice that email addresses, not display names, are used in the external email warning prompt for better clarity.

While there are many outgoing email checks that can be performed, by far the most popular rule is an external email warning, that is, to prompt the user whenever sending an email outside the company.  The image on the right shows what a typical prompt looks like, along with 3 fictitious email addresses.  If there were any attachments or offending (i.e., sensitive/classified) keywords, they would appear here as well.

In addition to scanning the recipients underlying email address (and not just the display name), there are a number of different conditions that can be checked as an email goes out the door.

For instance, you can…

  • …act on an email if sending an external email (i.e., outside the company (this is the most popular condition))
  • …act if the number of attachments is equal to or greater than N
  • …act if number of recipients is equal to or greater than N
  • …act if sending to 2 or more recipients in different external domains
  • …act if sending to recipients in one or more specific domains (e.g.,,, etc.)
  • …act if sending an email with account numbers (credit cards, SSNs, drivers license numbers, bank account numbers, etc.)
  • …act if the email subject contains or does not contain your keywords
  • …act if the email body contains or does not contain your keywords
  • …act if the attachment name contains or does not contain your keywords
  • …act on every send

In addition, to call attention to the exact problem, the text of the warning prompt can be changed as well, or the email can be prevented from sending altogether.  The latter is useful to prevent sensitive keywords or credit card numbers from ever being sent (to comply with either corporate or national privacy policies (like HIPAA) or company security compliance policies).

The Free tier includes includes a visible task pane along with the first three conditions (act if sending outside the company, act if the number of attachments is equal to or greater than N, and/or act if the number of recipients is equal or greater than N).  There is effectively only one “rule”, the one visible in the task pane:

Safeguard Send for Office 365 Taskpane

The task pane on the right is where each user configures their settings (in the free version that is).

The Standard tier includes the ability to make this task pane invisible for your users.  And, in addition to including the first three conditions that are included in the Free tier, also allows the “act if sending to 2 or more different external domains”.  Furthermore, up to three rules can be created, each with their own warning prompt text. In addition, it supports access to a dashboard for centralized control over your users and their rules.

The Pro tier includes all the conditions listed above, allows an unlimited number of rules, and provides further customization of the warning prompt (see the Screenshots tab above for details), including allowing for custom fonts and support for white labeling in general.  This tier also automatically includes access to the dashboard for centralized control that allows you control over your rules for your entire organization.

Here is a complete comparison of all three tiers:



Total number of rules

Prompt if sending an email outside the company

Prompt if the number of attachments is greater than N

Prompt if the number of recipients is greater than N

Prompt if sending to recipients in two different domains

Prompt if sending to specific recipients or domains

Prompt if sending an email with a SSN, credit card or other account number

Prompt if subject contains/does not contain specific keywords

Prompt if email body contains/does not contain specific keywords

Prompt on any send

Tech support included

Can hide task pane from users

Centralized managment dashboard

Corporate branding

Onboarding Concierge Service

Your text

Free Tier


per month


Standard Tier


per month
(Note: Bill Annually


Professional Tier


Per Month
(Note: Bill Annually



  • Prompts before sending to outside recipients
  • Warns users and gets their attention
  • Customizable prompts
  • Works on desktop Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Macs, and Office on the Web (note: not on any phones - yet!)
  • Also works with
  • No deployments!  Simply install it once into your tenant, it magically appears everywhere
New! You can now find us on Microsoft Azure Marketplace if you prefer to use Azure billing.  


Image of Safeguard Send toolbar button in desktop Outlook This is the toolbar button as it appears when going to compose an email in desktop Outlook.
Safeguard Send for Office 365 Taskpane The task pane is shown (on the right) when the Safeguard Send toolbar button (shown above) is clicked. The task pane is where each user configures their settings in the free version. It can be hidden in paid tiers.
Standard warning for outgoing email The warning prompt that appears can be customized to suit your needs.  The button text (Yes/No or Ok/Cancel) can be changed as well as the main warning text at the Standard tier.[/caption]
Professional warning when sending email At the Professional tier, these are the customizations that can changed, including an image to draw attention to potential spills. On either the Standard or Professional tier, each rule can have its own customizations.

Minimum Requirements

This add-in requires a subscription to Office 365 or an email account. If you use IMAP or POP3 (which is most Gmail users), this add-in will not work for you.  Instead, check out our line of desktop Outlook add-ins. This add-in works on these platforms:

Desktop Outlook
Outlook on the web
Image of Checkmark No Outlook for Android
Image of Checkmark No Outlook for iOS (including iPhone and iPad)

You can read more about the add-in, including how to install it into your email account, by reading our Getting Started with Safeguard Send for Office 365 guide.

If you're planning on purchasing a non-free subscription, then you can either sign up using our Microsoft Azure Marketplace listing or have your Safeguard Send rules customized for your company by filling out this questionnaire. Note that either method will allow you access to the Safeguard Send dashboard that allows you control your own rules.

Note that while tech support is limited for free products, this guide to Getting Help For Office 365 Apps is useful if you're having trouble.

You can also read our Terms and Conditions for all our Office 365 apps and our Privacy Policy. In short, you should know that we send information to our cloud servers so that we can determine which features are useful and which no one is using. We also use it to help identify widespread problems and in the event you need help from us. Finally, we use your email address to allow continued access to the app.

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