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    Send Individually

    Send out your newsletters, press releases and other announcements to individual recipients. Individually addressing emails allows your email to make it through more spam filters and raises response rates.

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    Timed Email Organizer

    The Timed Email Organizer add-in keeps your Inbox neat and tidy by organizing emails based on how old they are (among many other conditions).

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    VCard Converter

    Outlook already allows you to convert your contacts into vCard format, but only one at a time. But with the VCard Converter Add-In, you easily convert all your contacts to vCard format with one click of your mouse.

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    Watch Outlook Folders

    Need to be notified when someone else changes an item in an Outlook shared folder? This add-in will notify you whenever an item in a public folder or mailbox is changed.

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    Zoom Email Windows

    Automatically zoom your Outlook windows to your specified zoom percentage. Now you can set your preferred zoom percentage to be able to clearly see all your Outlook windows.

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