Feature Comparison of Quick Text Hotkeys and Quick Text Hotkeys Pro

What’s the difference between the Quick Text Hotkeys add-in and the Quick Text Hotkeys Pro add-in?



Insert frequently used text into your emails

Optionally inserts the current date and time 

Inserts your predefined text into the subject or body

Stores an unlimited amount of your canned responses

Optionally puts up toolbar buttons for your most frequently used entries 

Supports automatically inserting a personalized greeting

Personalized greeting can include recipients' first name, last name or fullname

Can include images and pictures along with the text entries

Optionally inserts the current date and/or time - in any format and with adjustable offsets

  One click replies!

  Can automatically send the email after inserting your predefined text

  Shows your text entries in a large convenient grid format 

Backup and restore the entries

Quick Text Hotkeys


Quick Text Hotkeys Pro


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