How To Save Emails Out of Outlook

Saving emails is useful for backing up, keeping related project/case file emails archived together, or for using different search tools other than Outlook’s native searching capabilities. To save emails from Outlook to a Windows folder, follow these instructions:

How to save emails from Outlook 2016, 2013 and Outlook 2010:

  1. In the main Outlook window, select the emails you want to save
  2. Note: Select several contacts by holding down the ctrl key while you select them with your mouse (or use Ctrl-A to select them all)
  3. Choose File (the tab at the top) then Save As
  4. Choose a format and click Save

Choosing the format is the most important part because what you want to do with the email after this has an impact on the save format. Out of the five formats Outlook supports (HTML, MHT, TXT, OFT and MSG), only OFT and MSG support saving any attachments along with the email. They can both be opened in Outlook because they are Outlook native formats. The OFT is usually used for templates, so that a copy of a frequently used email can be saved to your desktop, and double clicked when you need to send a copy of that email. MSG is the native Outlook format, and if you move emails from one machine to another, both of these two formats will need to have Outlook on that machine in order to read the email. The other formats do not require Outlook and can be read either by a browser or by a text editor like Notepad.

Outlook does not support automatically saving emails as they arrive, or saving emails in multiple folders all at the same time. For this you would need an add-in like our Attachment Save add-in. It saves emails as well as attachments. To save emails using the add-in, follow these instructions:

How to automatically save emails from Outlook using our add-in:

  1. In Outlook, click on the Sperry Software button
  2. Click on the Attachment Save add-ins’ “Overall Settings 1” tab
  3. Check the “Automatic” box to start processing emails automatically
  4. Choose an Outlook folder (like say, the Inbox)
  5. Over on the next tab (“Overall Settings 2”), choose a Windows folder where the saved emails will reside
  6. On the following tab (“Specific Settings”), check the “Enable saving of emails” option
  7. Choose one of the five custom formats (MSG, TXT, HTML, EML, and TNEF)

The add-in also supports scanning all your Outlook email folders and then saving email to Windows folders preserving your Outlook folder structure onto hard disk. To do this, follow these instructions:

How to save emails from Outlook manually:

  1. Click on the Sperry Software icon in the main Outlook toolbar
  2. Click on the Attachment Save add-ins’ Utilities tab
  3. Click the “Process Now” button
  4. Choose an Outlook folder (or several Outlook folders)
  5. Click the “Process Now” button to start saving emails

Note that the add-in pays attention to the settings already in place.

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