How to Add Rules for Another Company Domain

Most times, you’ll only need one set of rules to control all the rules for your company domain, and this was done for you when you signed up.  But, what if you had another domain that you wanted to specify rules for?

For example, David Jones, IT Manager at Arbor Software, could enter, and any rules that get created will apply to everyone at Arbor Software who has the add-in installed AND whose email address ends with “”.   If David also wanted to create the same set of rules for (the operations subdivision) then he would have to create another rule set, specifying “” in the Email Address or Domain field.  He would then have two rule sets, one for and one for

For you to do this today, you would need to send an email from any email address that has the domain you want to add to [email protected] with the subject “Additional Domain Needed”.  Be sure to include (or CC) the subscriber’s main domain so that we know how to link the new domain to your current domain.  Your new rule set will be created on your behalf and when it is, a reply email will be sent letting you know.

Once the new rule set for your additional domain has been created, you can come back to your dashboard and begin to create new rules.

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