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Automatically add as contacts people you reply to or send to. Become more organized by setting up the add-in to show you each name it adds or just have it automatically add contacts without any intervention by you.
Price: $24.95
Does your assistant or your boss need to be copied on email? The Always BCC add-in will do either a BCC (blind carbon copy) or a CC (carbon copy) automatically, every time you email.
Price: $24.95
Add appointments with text based emails. This add-in will accept an email with a date/time and a message and automatically add it to your calendar.
Price: $23.95
This add-in scans each outgoing email and asks you if you meant to attach a file before sending the e-mail, giving you a chance to insert the attachment.
Price: $19.95
Save space in your Outlook PST files! Keep your email in Outlook and your attachments in a separate Windows folder with this powerful add-in. Automatically replaces attachments with a link to the file.
Price: $34.95
Finally, an add-in that automatically prints email when it arrives at your Inbox without you having to do anything. Save time by automating those repetitive chores.
Price: $29.95
Save money! Get 5 of our best selling add-ins at once. The Business Bundle includes Schedule Recurring Email, Auto Print, Email Reminders, Always BCC, and Watch Outlook Folders add-ins.
Price: $64.95
Do you need to BCC or CC to multiple different people? This add-in is similar to our Always BCC add-in except that it handles multiple rules for multiple different people. It even provides for exceptions to the rules!
Price: $29.95
Stay organized by updating all your contacts and address books with either 'last name, first name' order or 'first name, last name' order. This add-in automates what is otherwise a tedious, error prone process and is free.
Price: $29.95
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter notifications and other emails lose importance over time. This add-in will automatically delete these emails after a specified time period and is completely flexible .
Price: $9.95
Wouldn't it be great if when you're reading an email, you could click just one button and have all the email addresses be added to a single distribution list? Well now you can. You can also easily see which DLs a given contact belongs to.
Price: $29.95
Is your typical business day cluttered with too many appointments which are annoying duplicates? It allows you to move the duplicate items to another folder or just delete them entirely.
Price: $23.95
Easily eliminate duplicate Outlook contacts with this add-in. Great for handling synchronization problems with your PDA.
Price: $29.95
When synchronizing your Pocket PC or Palm to your computer, there is nothing more annoying than receiving duplicate emails. Eliminate duplicate emails with this powerful add-in.
Price: $29.95
This add-in for Outlook works just like the Duplicate Email Eliminator except that instead of processing duplicates within a single folder, it searches across all the folders that you select.
Price: $39.95
Another problem with PDA synchronization software is that it is prone to creating duplicate journal entries. Eliminating duplicate journal entries is as easy as with any of the other duplicate eliminator add-ins.
Price: $19.95
Eliminate duplicate notes with ease and keep your to do list clean and up-to-date. Like the other duplicate eliminators, this add-in works great with Exchange public folders or other shared folders.
Price: $19.95
This add-in is for duplicates that occur when posting to an Exchange public folder or other shared folder. It eliminates duplicate posts by examining subject, author, posting time, plus many others.
Price: $19.95
This add-in eliminates tasks that are duplicates of each other. Like the other duplicate eliminators, you can choose what constitutes a duplicate choosing from Categories, Subject, Due Date, Company, Start Date, plus others.
Price: $19.95
Save money! Are you thinking about getting more than one or two of our duplicate eliminator add-ins? If so, then the Eliminator Bundle is what you need. It includes all 8 of the duplicate eliminator add-ins for a single low price.
Price: $74.95
That little popup in Outlook doesn't do you much good if you're away from your desk. But if you have an email capable cell phone, pager or PDA, you can get Outlook to send you an email appointment reminder in addition to the popup.
Price: $19.95
Do you need access to your home files while you're at work? With this add-in, you can retrieve a file from any of your Windows folders using just email.
Price: $23.95
Are you sure that you heard back from all of your sales contacts? Stop missing sales opportunities! The Follow-up Reminder add-in will notify you of people who have not responded to your email messages.
Price: $29.95
Easily update many contacts, appointments or tasks with this handy tool. Perfect for updating contacts after an area code split, or companies change names, even when a group of tasks must have all their due dates updated.
Price: $24.95
Using this tool allows users to create support tickets for your IT staff from a familiar environment with the least amount of clicks possible.
Price: $4.95
"In Outlook all the many duplicate email names that popup when you select the ""To:""can be a pain. This add-in prevents Outlook from showing fax numbers as email addresses."
Price: $24.95
Stay under the 32k rules limit with ease with this add-in! It takes over simple rule functions, freeing up valuable space.
Price: $29.95
Keeping track of notes will be a breeze with this add-in. It adds a button to your toolbar which simply enters the current date, time and author into the body text of Contacts, Notes, Tasks, etc.
Price: $14.95
Take control of journaling of an entire group with just one click. This add-in turns journaling on or off for all contacts within your default Contacts folder.
Price: $18.95
Get notified when your critical email systems go down. This add-in ensures resiliency by sending an email every 30 minutes that must be responded to and it alerts you in the absence of an expected email.
Price: $19.95
This add-in forwards the email you deem important to your email capable cell phone or pager but when you reply, the message goes back to the original sender. It saves space on tiny screens and more importantly, saves your thumbs.
Price: $29.95
Sort, print and edit your Outlook rules right from a convenient grid format. Includes four validation checks including finding duplicate rules.
Price: $39.95
Save money! Get 3 or our most popular add-ins for one low price. The Power User Bundle includes includes Attachment Save, Hide Fax Numbers, and Add Email Address.
Price: $54.95
This add-in installs two new buttons when you view your email that allow you to 1) easily print the email along with the number of attachments and each attachment's name and 2) print (just) each attachment.
Price: $22.95
Save time by inserting with a function key frequently used text like header/footers, business signatures or family/friend signatures, subject lines, anything that you can type into an Outlook email, contact, note, etc.
Price: $19.95
Ever wonder where people get those clever quotes attached at the bottom of their emails? This add-in allows you to add famous quotes to your outgoing email.
Price: $13.95
Do you spend a lot of time renaming attachments from fax services or automated scanning systems? Now you can automatically rename attachments (in place) when sending or receiving emails.
Price: $19.95
Does your own name pop up when you hit the "Reply To All" button in Outlook? If so, this frustrating behavior can be eliminated with this add-in. It also prompts you before sending, preventing you from making an embarrassing mistake.
Price: $14.95
Prevent mistakes when sending - have this add-in prompt you when certain keywords are used, when you send email outside your company, plus it checks four other safeguards. Perfect for confidentiality reasons.
Price: $24.95
Saving emails as PDF files is a breeze with this add-in. It also converts many Microsoft Office file type attachments as well as image attachments (and even zip files!) all into a single PDF file.
Price: $29.95
Do you need to send recurring email? This add-in allows you to schedule an automatic, repetitive email that will go out at intervals that you define.
Price: $29.95
Does your IT department have strict rules against forwarding content outside your network? With Secure Email Forward, only limited parts of an email get forwarded to an email address that you specify.
Price: $17.95
Send out your newsletters, press releases and other announcements to individual recipients. Individually addressing emails allows your email to make it through more spam filters and raises response rates.
Price: $49.95
This add-in keeps your email life organized by automatically filing your sent items into the appropriate folders. It works based on keywords, who you’re sending to, or it can be set up to prompt you each time where to save the email.
Price: $29.95
Sometimes you may email someone but the arrival of that email may take hours. With this add-in, the current date and time get appended to the end of each outgoing email.
Price: $13.95
Keep your Inbox organized with this powerful rules engine. It can act on emails as they age or many other conditions, and it supports conditions and actions that Outlook does not provide.
Price: $39.95
Outlook already allows you to convert your contacts into vCard format, but only one at a time. But with the VCard Converter Add-In, you easily convert all your contacts to vCard format with one click of your mouse.
Price: $24.95
Need to be notified when someone else changes an item in an Outlook shared folder? This add-in will notify you whenever an item in a public folder or mailbox is changed.
Price: $19.95
Automatically zoom your Outlook windows to your specified zoom percentage. Now you can set your preferred zoom percentage to be able to clearly see all your Outlook windows.
Price: $9.95
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