Important Recent Bug Fixes to Several Add-Ins

We’ve been hard at work correcting errors reported by customers like you. Here are the important general bug fixes that have been fixed over the last month:

1) Follow Up Reminders – if it was installed and you saved an email out to disk, that email out on disk was “locked” by the add-in until Outlook was closed. This has been fixed.

2) Save As PDF – In the renaming area, if the “To” keyword was being used as one of the renaming parameters (meaning the add-in would include the To recipients as part of the resulting filename), then the resulting filename could end up being too long if the list of recipients is too long. Now, the list is limited to just the first three To recipients and then an automatic “(and others)” becomes part of the filename. This change affected Save As PDF, Save As PDF Pro, Rename Attachments, and Attachment Save.

3) Speaking of Save As PDF Pro (which now supports rules), it puts up two buttons on the Outlook toolbar. One converts the selected emails to PDF, the other converts the selected emails to a PDF Portfolio. But, we had a customer who wanted the second button to append his chosen emails to the new single monolithic format. So, the two toolbar buttons are now represented as rules 1 and 2 respectively so that every aspect of their behavior can be controlled. Same for the two buttons in the Options tab (in the Configuration window). These two buttons allow you to add Windows files to your chosen PDF file, and can now be controlled through rules 3 and 4. This same treatment has also been given to Auto Print Pro, which also has two toolbar buttons that control what gets printed and where.

4) Finally, Auto Print, Auto Print Pro, Save As PDF, and Save As PDF Pro all had an important underlying third party component dealing with PDFs has been updated. In particular, Auto Print Pro had a bug where images would not print properly under certain circumstances. This and a myriad of other bugs have been fixed.

If you’d like to update to these newer versions:

  1. Exit Outlook
  2. Uninstall via Control Panel…Programs and Features…Uninstall a Program
  3. Download the add-in anew (the trial version converts to the full version automatically)
  4. Run the setup EXE
  5. Restart Outlook