New “Modern” Style Add-In: Phishing Net

This month, we are introducing a new product line.  This new product line consists of add-ins, similar to what we’ve been doing, but these add-ins no longer require a desktop installation per se.  Instead, you can install them by using the Get Add-Ins button in Outlook.  Going forward, we will be referring to these products as Office 365 Apps to distinguish between them and our traditional Outlook desktop add-ins.

Outlook Get Add-ins button close up

Microsoft is pushing the development of these “modern” style add-ins (aka Office 365 Apps) because they make use of Javascript, a computer language that is supported in many browsers and platforms.  This means that these new add-ins will work on Macs, Office on the Web, and on phones (including the iPhone and Android).

The first product in this new line is called Phishing Net for Office 365.  This add-in makes it easy to submit suspected phishing emails to your corporate security officer (CSO), or even to standard phishing reporting bodies like the US DHS anti-phishing working group, the US Federal Trade Commission (which also has good basic anti-phishing advice), and even Microsoft’s Office 365 security group (which makes sense since they might be able to detect similar attacks in other mailboxes).

Because these new modern Outlook style add-ins run on our cloud servers, they are not sold with a perpetual licensing model, but rather as a subscription. This first add-in is free.  You still have to “buy” it by going through the checkout process so that you can be entered into our system but the cost will read $0 dollars when you checkout. There’s a $4/month version if you would like tech support, which the free version does not have.

To get started, you can either buy Phishing Net for Office 365 or read our Getting Started With Phishing Net article for more information.