New Versions of Our Outlook Add-Ins

This month we’re introducing version 7.1 of most of our add-ins.  The previous version 7.0 (which was still in beta) has already been replaced when we discovered that portions of our “engine” (the part of the add-ins that all our add-ins share) had to be re-written in order to accommodate conditions when Office 365 is the server.  The good news is that we now have more efficient processing of emails, especially when emails are arriving while you are using Outlook.

Although still officially in beta, we feel quite confident about this release because it is based on our previous version 7.0.  We continue to support the previous version 6.3 of all the add-ins, however we will no longer be adding features to these versions.  Just as a reminder version 6.3 supports Outlook 2007 through Outlook 2016, while the new version 7.1 add-ins support Outlook 2013 through Outlook 2019 (including all versions of Office 365).