Announcing Our Newest Add-In: Attachment Save Pro

Late last year, and earlier this year we released versions of Auto Print Pro and Save As PDF Pro. These add-ins act just like their standard counterparts, except that they can use rules to refine exactly when to perform the actions using conditions like the subject, who it’s from, etc.

Today, we are announcing the same treatment for one of our best selling products called Attachment Save Pro. This Outlook add-in will save emails and/or attachments to disk depending on varying conditions just like the above two add-ins.

Extracting emails and attachments to various windows folders is useful in many organizations that have automated systems, and it can play a part in a larger workflow; a sort of cog in a wheel. This is especially true when you consider that each email or attachment being saved can be renamed according to it’s own renaming convention – the final filename being made up of parts like the subject, the received/sent date, the sender, etc.

We here at Sperry Software are making you more productive and hope that this new add-in helps to further reduce the amount of time you spend working on tedious email tasks!