Add-In Reset Tool

Many of the tech support questions that we receive are solved by the customer running our Add-in Reset Tool.  The tool can be found on the Tools Page.  This is just one of our tools that we have available to help resolve some of the more common issues found when troubleshooting the add-ins.   You may be wondering what the tool does and what issues it resolves.

The Add-In Outlook Reset Tool is a pretty straight forward in functionality. The tool un-registers and then re-registers all of the Sperry Software add-ins that are installed.  This is similar to uninstalling and re-installing the application through the control panel.  The advantage is that this process is much quicker than doing a re-install.  This is a convenient process to run when the Sperry Software Add-ins button stops responding to button clicks.

The reset tool is usually the first tool that is recommended for issues pertaining to the add-in suddenly stopping and not functioning.  It is a quick and non-invasive process.  It will NOT erase any settings for the add-ins.

On some computers, Windows will warn you about running the tool because it is a third party tool.   This tool is safe and will not harm your Outlook or Windows setup.  Our tools are provided to help make complex tasks simple for the end user.