Dual Monitors, Plus Auto Print Gets Page Numbers in Email

  This month we made a correction to the underlying engine that affects all our Outlook add-ins that have a dual monitor setup: When using dual monitors (or even quad monitors, etc), any add-in windows that popup now get shown on the monitor that holds the parent window (that is, either the main Inbox or the email itself). It’s amazing how annoying it can be to be looking at one monitor and there’s an important window on the main monitor.

In addition, Auto Print (an add-in that automatically prints emails and/or attachments) now has the ability to insert page numbers into the email when printed. This feature was made by user request. Note that only the emails get the page number treatment, not the attachments (at least for now).

There was also a bug fix for Quick Text Hotkeys (an add-in that inserts frequently used text along with the date or time) whereby if you were trying to delete an entry, the add-in would sometimes not delete it.

Email Reminders (which sends an email when you get an Outlook popup reminder alarm) now allows you to edit the pre-amble of the subject so that if you are receiving the emails on a phone, then you can see the rest of the subject instead of just the pre-amble. The pre-amble was originally fixed at “Email Reminder: ” then the rest of the subject (that is, why the add-in was sending the email in the first place, usually the subject of the item that was causing the popup alarm in the first place). It was like this so that you could easily identify which emails were “real” and which were from the automated add-in. Now you can still do that, but have the pre-amble be “ER: ” for example.