Jenny’s Issue

Jenny is a real estate agent.  Like all realtors, she needs to send her monthly list of available homes (her MLS listing) to her entire client list once a month.  How can she best do this?

Early in her career, she would create a separate email that she would send to each client – personalizing it, adding the MLS listing as an attachment, then send it.  Later, she learned about mail merge, a feature built into Outlook that allows you to send to many people but only needing to create the email once.  But, she still had to remember to plan, write and send her monthly listing.

This month, we are releasing from beta a new product called the Schedule Recurring Email Pro add-in.  Similar to our regular Schedule Recurring Email add-in, this Outlook add-in allows you to create a schedule for a regularly occurring email, but it adds an extra feature whereby you can send it to all your recipients, one at a time just like a typical mail merge.

Back to Jenny, who now can create an email, insert personalization placeholders, add the MLS listing folder, and finally creates the schedule for this email.  Note that she specified a folder rather than the MLS listing file itself so that the add-in picks up any files that are in that folder at the time of sending.  This way, her clients will always receive the freshest listings in their neighborhoods.

Once Jenny schedules her email – that’s it! All she has to do each month is to simply update or replace the MLS file once a month, and her clients will always receive the most recent MLS listing, with personalization.

Now that you know what the add-in does, we are looking for other use cases where this Outlook add-in could be useful. Do you know of any industries or fields (besides realtors) where this add-in could solve a problem?  Let us know below!

2 thoughts on “Jenny’s Issue

  1. Yes, as above the many and various meeting groups, clubs, all different organisations that have the need to send ‘personal emails’…..I have about 120 different groups numbering from 8 – 10 up to 500 persons. I presently use the ACT Pro database and have for 35 years. To have additional options would be a great benefit.

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