Mailtips in Outlook 2010

The Microsoft Outlook Office Team has been posting and previewing some of the changes that are coming with Outlook 2010.  There’s come pretty cool stuff coming down the pike!  One in particular has us pretty excited – the feature called “MailTips”. What are Mailtips in Outlook? Outlook Mailtips provides a functionality somewhat similar to our Safeguard Send add-in.  We think that this will go a long way to making sure that you are more productive than ever with email.

Recently we had a customer ask if we thought if Microsoft is stepping on our toes with the new Mailtips feature.  After considering it, we decided that the answer is no.  Here’s why:

Outlook Mailtips and our add-ins do not directly overlap – there are some features in Mailtips that are useful and not in any of our products (Moderated Contact Group, Invalid Recipient Address, Message Too Large For Recipient for instance).  There are features that are in both (Restricted Recipient, Large Number of Recipients, External Recipient).  Then there are the features that are only in our products (warn when using certain keywords, warn when there are multiple recipients, warn when there are regular expression pattern matches in the email, and more).

In addition, our add-ins do not require Microsoft Exchange Server and they work in older versions (Outlook 2000 and higher).

So no, we do not think Microsoft is stepping on our toes, in fact we recommend moving to Outlook 2010 as soon as possible and think our add-ins will make a great compliment to your email platform.