More Reply To All Troubles…

Over at Roger Matus’ Death By Email blog, he reports that Reply To All in Outlook is undergoing another draconian suppression. This time instead of it being at the State Department it’s something much more closer to home: Nielson.

It turns out that Nielson has turned off the Reply To All button, suggesting that they can save server space (due to the lack of all those identical messages being replied to everyone) and save time (by forcing replies to only go to those in the conversation, preventing everyone from having to read the sometimes inane responses).  This was motivated after the fact, of course, by an “errant” email.  [Editor’s note: See the prophetic previous blog posting].

It seems to us that for the people who know how to use Reply To All, its invaluable.  So why limit it for everyone?  There’s nothing wrong with implementing Permessa’s solution or own own Reply To All Monitor for those companies whose employees need full functionality out of their email client. these tools allow the best of both worlds – full email functionality and preventions of errors by unknowing uses.