New Add-In: Delete Stale Emails

Sperry Software has released a brand new add-in called Delete Stale Emails in Outlook add-in. This add-in will automatically delete emails that lose value over time (think Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter notifications). How many times have you received emails that lose value over time? News and traffic reports? With this add-in, you can come closer to keeping a tidy Inbox by allowing the add-in to automatically delete the (potentially) thousands of emails that have built up. The Delete Stale Emails in Outlook add-in is now emerging from a private beta to a public beta, and will be in full release within the next few weeks, depending on the results.

In other news, an annoying bug in Save As PDF (an add-in that automatically converts email to PDF) has been resolved; the bug involved images that appear squished all to the left hand side of the converted PDF. This error most often manifested itself in PDFs that were previously faxes, although we had seen several cases where even the last page (that say, contained a digital image of a signature).  Upgrading to the most recent version will correct this problem.