Weekly Fixes for 8/26/2013

After several weeks, we are finally able to release a refreshed build of all the add-ins. During the last few weeks, an unusual bug cropped up in our installers that prevented the builds from taking place. The bug in the Installshield project prevented us from including the Sperry Software “gears” icon from being displayed in the Control Panel, leaving a bland looking icon instead. Because that bug could not be resolved, instead we now execute a small program that adds the Sperry Software icon at the end of the installation process. The new builds result in an Engine version of 4.1.4984.20947 and 5.0.4984.15782.

In addition, the window resize capability was taken out of both the Power Rules Manager and the Follow Up Reminders add-in. This is because another bug was found that prevented both of these add-ins from being able to be resized; in particular from being able to shrink the size of the window. We are working on correcting that, because it’s really convenient to be able to stretch those windows so you can see the whole set of rules (or reminders) all at once.

Finally a number of add-ins were released out of beta – all are the Outlook 2013 versions: Appointments By Email, Attachment Forget-Me-Not, Contacts Sort Order, Hide Fax Numbers, and Send Individually.