New Version of Schedule Recurring Email (and Monthly Fixes)

Schedule Recurring Email is being released out of beta (for Outlook 2013, that is).

  This new version was completely re-written to no longer depend on the Outlook calendar to generate recurrence patterns as the add-in now does this by itself.  This will help those with IMAP accounts and with email accounts from et. Al. that don’t allow the add-in to create its own schedule calendar.

  Further, performance improvements have also been incorporated, especially when displaying the list of scheduled emails.   The maximum number of emails that can be scheduled can now easily be in the hundreds.

  In addition, a new hourly recurrence pattern has been added to the list, so now you can schedule emails that go out hourly, daily, monthly, yearly, or randomly.

  Also, the monthly and yearly patterns can now be adjusted by a number of days so that schedules like “2nd to last workday of the year” or “3 days after the first Tuesday of every month” can be specified.

  Finally, the add-in has a new “Convert” button that will cause the add-in to quickly read all your previously scheduled emails and create the new style scheduled emails.

There are also a number of bug fixes to report: