Planned Maintenance for Safeguard Send for Office 365 (Part 2)

We wanted to let you know that tonight we will be performing maintenance changes for the Safeguard Send for Office 365 add-in.  Unlike last week, you will see changes (details are below).  We plan on having the add-in be updated at any point during a two hour window starting at 8pm EST.

There should not be any interruption in your service, but if there is please remember that Office 365 will simply send any emails without any prompts if the add-in fails to respond for any reason.

The first change is that by default, corporate users will now see a disabled Save button:

disabled save button in safeguard send for office 365

Previously, the Save button was always enabled but did not do anything – which didn’t make sense.  So, for those companies that show the Safeguard Send Taskpane (like the one shown here) then the Save button will be disabled since their rules are always read from the server.  And, thanks to last week’s foundational upgrades, we can now hide this Taskpane (and corresponding toolbar button) altogether if you prefer (and have at least a Standard or Pro subscription).  It requires that you remove then re-install the manifest, so contact us (by replying directly to this email) if you would prefer this option.

The other change we are making this week is for retail users, and also involves saving.  Previously, we strived to save settings within the Microsoft framework.  However, more and more users are complaining about the add-in not saving their settings when they click the Save button.  We have investigated, and there are no errors being thrown.  It happens to both desktop (Windows and Macs) and web based clients – but it does appear to be random in that SOME users can save their settings normally (as we can here, and on our test machines).  So to fix this, we will now be saving all settings on our cloud server.   There are no errors that we are aware of but we remain ready to rollback if there is a problem.

As we go forward we will notify you about further upcoming changes, and their associated maintenance times.  We will update our blog to keep you in the loop this week, just like last week.  Going forward however we will be introducing a “Service Status” page to keep you apprised of the current state of the Safeguard Send for Office 365 availability, and we will also keep a list of the changes that have been made and when.  Future upgrades and maintenance windows will be posted there as well.

[Update: May 2, 2022 8:57pm] – Everything is updated and appears to be normal.  Please contact us if you are having any trouble with the Safeguard Send for Office 365 add-in.]