Power Rules Manager Supports Drag And Drop

A problem with Outlook is controlling the order of execution in Outlook rules. Let’s say you have 1000 rules, and you want rule 1000 to be executed first – you would have to click the up arrow 999 times. What would happen if you had five, twenty, or a hundred rules to move? And, until today, the same problem existed in the Power Rules Manager (but at least you could directly affect the Execution Order, so you would have only had to do that five, twenty, or a hundred times).

Today however, the Power Rules Manager received a small but significant upgrade. You can now drag and drop Outlook rules right in the grid window for simple control over rule execution order.

Once the rules have been loaded into the grid, you can use the drag and drop feature like you do in most other programs that have tables. In addition, if you drag several rules and move the cursor just above or just below the rules grid, automatic scrolling will occur (again, just like most other programs). However, if you have hundreds or even thousands of rules (and yes, we’ve seen a customer with 2,907 rules and dozens with more than a 1000) then you can press and hold the Shift key while the automatic scrolling is occurring to go into “turbo mode”. This mode causes the scrolling to occur much faster than usual so you can get back to working in email, and not on email.

Side note: You can also double click on any row to pull it up in the rule editor as well.

Again, while these changes are overall small, we hope that it will lead to great improvements in organizing your email rules.