Reflection: 2008

A lot has happened over the past year. We, at Sperry Software, have been very busy. Many hours have been spent increasing our ability to provide service to our customers. We attended conferences for the first time and added support staff.

The implementation of our knowledge base system is the most significant source of information for our customers. The knowledge base provides a familiar resource for finding answers to common questions anytime. One of the biggest hurdles for a small company is to provide customer service anytime, day or night. The knowledge base provides immediate answers for many questions.

The community forum is another addition to the Sperry Software family. This system allows customers to help other customers. It is differs from the knowledge base because it may not provide immediate answers. It does, however, allow more complex, or even random, issues to be solved collaboratively. We encourage any Microsoft Outlook questions to be posted in the forum.

The addition of new staff to provide customer service has been very helpful. The new staff has increased our ability to answer calls and emails more quickly.

Conferences have been a new experience for us over the year. It was the first year that we have attended a conference as a vendor. We were able to attend TechEd in Orlando, FL and a Law conference in Chicago, IL. Attending a conference helps us get face time with our customers. It also allows us to collect feedback about current products and ideas for future ones.