Sent Items Organizer, Incoming Mail Organizer, and Delete Stale Emails Are All Being Retired

For a long time now, Sperry Software’s line of add-ins has been increasing, and this has been good in general, because we want to be able to serve our customers with a wide variety of email tools.

In September 2014 we began slimming down the product line by culling out some of the less popular add-ins, like Journal All Contacts (does anyone still use the Outlook journal?), File Fetch (Dropbox and OneDrive took its place), and Appointments By Email (you can just use your phone now).

Today, we are continuing in our effort to reduce the number of add-ins in order to reduce confusion about which add-in is needed and when.

Sent Items Organizer, Incoming Mail Organizer and Delete Stale Emails are all being phased out in favor of the Timed Email Organizer. This add-in has been in development for over a year now, and it is stable enough to begin offering it to all our customers as a replacement (sometimes as a free replacement) for these other add-ins. You can find more details about this change (including how to obtain a free or discounted copy) on this page. We hope that this change benefits you as we continue to provide fewer, but more powerful add-ins.