Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy Updates

Email Privacy   If you’re like us, you’re probably seeing a lot of updates regarding updates to both Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies. This is because GDPR is going into effect soon, and the EU can impose heavy penalties for failure to conform to the items outlined in the GDPR. And, while Sperry Software is located in the United States (Jacksonville, FL specifically), if you are a customer located in the EU, then our mutual business together means that because you are covered by the GDPR, we must abide by it.

So as a result, our updated T&C and Privacy Policy can be found in their respective links.

Here at Sperry Software, we’re taking the time to not only update our own T&C and Privacy Policy but also to update our website to be more compliant with the GDPR elements and on a more sundry but necessary detail clean our newsletter subscribers list. In the past, because we keep a very simple unsubscribe policy this hasn’t been a problem but there were a number of people that never opened even a single email from us, and those subscribers will soon be removed.

As part of the GDPR, you can now request what data we have about you, and you have the right to request erasure of that data that we have. We are in the process of implementing these data privacy features and we’ll let you know when they are complete and how to go about requesting your data.

In summary, the short story, the “TL;DR” version: We don’t share your information with anyone. We’ve been approached to “swap” lists but we’ve always refused. We email you about items related to your purchase, or Microsoft Outlook or Office 365, or email in general (for instance improving efficiency in email or our upcoming blog post on best practices for keeping an organized inbox). The only thing we _might_ do is mention another product or service – but only because we use it or believe in it, not because we’re accepting payments for an endorsement.

Finally, we will keep on updating our website as our vendors update their components. We view this as an ongoing change that will take some time to complete, but it will be for the better for everyone.