Weekly Fixes for the week of May 13, 2013


The following features/fixes were done this past week:


Auto Print: The Auto Print add-in for Outlook is now available in German.  The German language versions are available for Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 (both 32-bit and 64-bit).  Outlook 2013 support is expected next week.


All Duplicate Eliminators: If you allow the trial period to expire on any of the Outlook add-ins that remove duplicates, then entered your order number, you still could not see the tabs where the actual add-in resided.  This was because Outlook needed to restart, and all the add-ins tabs were visible after that.  The problem is that the add-in failed to notify the user that Outlook needed to be restated.  This has been fixed in all the version 4.1 duplicate eliminator add-ins, and is expected to be available for the 5.0 versions next week.


Power Rules Manager: When using Power Rules Manager (an add-in to help manage Outlook rules) if while creating or editing a rule, when presented with the list of conditions, actions, or exceptions if there was a hyperlink present in the line and it was immediately clicked on, then the add-in moved the cursor to the bottom of the window and clicking OK did nothing.  This has been fixed.  Similarly, if an extra carriage return was added to the end of any rule’s text input window, that rule would not retain the text when the Ok button was clicked.  This has also been fixed.


Time Date Signature: If Daylight Savings Time was in effect, it was not shown in the outgoing email time stamp.  The standard time was always shown, and this has been fixed as well.