10 Things You Should Not Put In Email

Elizabeth Charnock, of Cataphora, listed 10 inappropriate things you should not put in emails. The premise is that if you are going to write these phrases, then you are most likely writing something that shouldn’t be in an email.  Statements like “I really shouldn’t put this in writing but…”, or “Is this actually legal?” should be red flags in your head to stop typing and start thinking.  You can read all 10 statements on Roger Matus’ insightful Death By Email blog.

After thinking about this a bit, I realized that our Safeguard Send add-in – with it’s ability to inspect emails before they are sent out – might be useful here.  Because the add-in can search for phrases (like the ones listed by Elizabeth Charnock) as well as keywords, it can put up a warning prompt before the email goes out to help users think before hitting Send.