BETA Release of Think Green

Over the past weekend, Sperry Software has made the beta build of the Think Green add-in available to the public.   Think Green is the newest add-in added to our family of products.  The add-in is simple, yet very environmentally friendly.  Here is how it works.  When you go to print an email or attachment from within Microsoft Outlook, Think Green will ask if you are sure you need to print this item.  Many items are better left in electronic form and Think Green helps verify that the item really needs printing.   The add-in does not stop you from printing, just asks for confirmation.  

I am excited about this add-in because it has great potential for additional features down the road.  The beta is free to download and try out.   All of our beta testers, those who submit the email to us, will receive one free license for the add-in when it is finally released. 

Think Green uses a new framework that we have been working on and is the first in this line of add-ins.   Due to the framework we use, the add-in is ONLY supported on Outlook 2007 and higher.  If you have any questions regarding the add-in, feel free to contact us.   You can get the add-in from  More information will be following.