Monthly Fixes and Features

Power Rules Manager – even though the Outlook 2013 version just came out of beta – received one more feature. The ability to choose which set of mailbox rules you can edit. Previously, it defaulted to your default store which for some users did not contain the rules that they needed to process. Although it was possible to create a new Outlook profile with just that mailbox in it then operate Power Rules Manager on that, it was asking too much of people who simply wanted to edit a set of rules that were “in their Outlook”.
Schedule Recurring Email had a bug fixed that had to do with scheduling emails on an hourly basis when using a number of occurrences. If you scheduled an email with an hourly occurrence for say, six times, the add-in would immediately display “series ended”. This bug has been fixed.
Save As PDF also had a bug fix with the feature to execute a program after saving the PDF. It was not running the program if the command had any spaces in it, or if the path to the saved PDF had any spaces.
Another feature added to the add-in is the ability to now remove the email header (the From, To, Subject, etc) before saving the email as a PDF. This was done (as all our feature requests are) by a customer request – he was receiving emails that contained orders in the body of the email that were sent to a central warehouse for fulfillment. The warehouse workers did not need to see the email header, as it would confuse them and “it was none of their business”. With this new feature, he can now save the email to PDF, then use Schedule Recurring Email to send out the PDFs to the warehouse once every hour.
A final word about the Save As PDF – a customer noticed that when he ran the batch process on a particular Outlook folder that contained 184 emails, when he went to the Windows folders and looked at the count of files he found that there were only 183. After looking into it, we discovered that it was because he had the overwrite feature turned on. Even though the rename was also on, the add-in would dutifully rename the PDF with the email subject, then the received date – but two of the emails in the same thread arrived within the same minute. With the overwrite checkbox on, the names of the two PDFs were exactly the same and the first one was overwritten by the second. We turned the overwrite feature off and voila, 184 PDFs present and accounted for.
Because there were so many changes the underlying framework (or engine) was updated. The new versions are 4.1.5195.25548 (for Outlook 2007/2010) and 5.0.5195.19159 (for Outlook 2013).