Power Rules Manager for Outlook 2013

Power Rules Manager (an add-in that allows you to easily manage your Outlook rules in a grid format) is being released out of beta (for Microsoft Office Outlook 2013, that is; it left beta for Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007 some time ago). This release also includes the ability to select a whole bunch of rules all at once and enable (or disable) them with one click. In addition, a lot of effort was put into making sure that when a Consolidate Rules action was performed (using the Consolidate Rules action causes all rules that say, move an email into a particular folder to be merged together), that the recipients were not duplicated in the remaining rule. Currently, when examining a resulting consolidated rule it may look like the recipients are duplicated, but just like when using Outlook, if you look at the recipient properties they each are represented by a different email address. We put all that effort into the Consolidate Rules action because we have discovered that people who need the add-in need it because they have many rules, which of course causes them to run out of space in rules.