Send Individually from Microsoft Publisher

When creating a newsletter or some other form of mass mail, a lot of users prefer to use Microsoft Publisher as the editor.  To send the emails to the intended recipients, users prefer to use the Send Individually add-in from Sperry Software.  This add-in allows the user to create one email and easily send that same email, separately, to all the recipients.  At this time, the Send Individually Add-in for Outlook will not work when Publisher goes to send the email.   This happens because Sperry Software only has the Outlook add-in and a Publisher add-in would be needed in this situation.

Thanks to a response from one of our customers, there is a way to get around this limitation.   The customer sent them Publisher template to themselves via email.  Once in Outlook, the user then forwarded the email to their recipients using the Send Individually function.  Before sending the email, remove the FWD: from the subject and any other text indicating a forward.  The result was that the recipients received the email and it appeared formatted correctly.

We appreciate any tips or workarounds that customers provide us when they use our products.