TechEd Update

The first full day of TechEd completed last night at 9pm.  There were a lot of attendees that stopped by the Sperry Software booth.  I have found that it is actually pretty difficult to give a quick presentation about what Sperry Software offers because we have 37 products.  It is difficult to quickly determine what each attendee is looking for in a product so we never know which products to mention. 

The day was split into two sessions.   A session in the morning from 10am – 1:30pm and then an evening session from 6pm – 9pm.  The morning session was busier than I had expected.  I thought that while the classes were in session, there would be a slow down in visitors.  We actually didn’t have much down time at all.   We had a pretty steady flow of attendees during the entire session.  The evening session was a lot more relaxed. There were small appetizers and beer served during this session  The first part of the session was a little slow because everyone was more concerned with eating the food than talking to any vendors.   It slowly turned around and we were again pretty busy the rest of the night. 

We have already received some great feedback from the people we have spoken to.  I encourage anyone with thoughts or suggestions to provide those to me.   I am always willing to listen to what concerns you have.