Sperry Buttons Don’t Appear in Word Editor

Have you installed one of Sperry Software add-ins but all of the buttons do not appear correctly?  You can see the "Sperry Software Add-ins" button, but the "Send Individually" or "BCC ON" buttons do not appear when you create a new mail message.  I will attempt to provide the reason for this and a solution.

Most of the Sperry Software Outlook add-ins also have a Microsoft Word add-in included with them behind the scenes.  This is necessary when the user is using Microsoft Word as their email editor.  This option is set by clicking Tools…Options…Mail Format.  A Word add-in is required to provide the Outlook add-in functionality because the Outlook add-in is unable to control Word on its own. 

Changing the mail editor to "Not" use word will usually result in the buttons now appearing.  That is not a very good solution because we do not want to block people from using Word as their editor.  Fortunately, there is a solution.

Follow these steps:

  1. Close Word and Outlook down.
  2. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del.
  3. Select "Task Manager"
  4. Click the "Processes" Tab.
  5. If OUTLOOK.EXE or WINWORD.EXE are running, end the process.
  6. Download the Uninstall Toolbar Tool from http://www.SperrySoftware.com/Outlook/Tools.asp
  7. Run the Uninstall Toolbar Tool.
  8. Restart Outlook and create a new mail message.
  9. The buttons should now be appearing.

We believe that the issue is caused by Word running while the user installs the add-ins.  This situation does not allow the toolbar to be added to the Word Documents.  Uninstalling the Toolbars forces Word to create the toolbar the next time it is started.