Timed Email Organizer Add-In for Outlook 2016

The trouble with email is simply the volume of information that you receive every day. Each day, emails must be answered, moved, archived, or organized in some way. What’s needed is a simple but powerful email manager.

The Timed Email Organizer is a tool which can handle these organizational email chores and can even replace some of your Outlook rules.

However unlike Outlook, this add-in can act on emails based on how old they are. Among other uses, this is useful if you want to implement an archiving function to a PST file, or delete yesterday’s Groupon offers, or otherwise get those emails out of your main Inbox.

Also, unlike Outlook, the Timed Emailed Organizer add-in for Outlook 2016 supports ANDs, ORs, NOTs, wildcards, and quotes in the conditions. This means you can now have a rule that says something like “If the email has a subject that contains X AND Y, then perform some action”. In Outlook rules, an OR is always implied in that case. In addition, because wildcards can also be used, partial email address matching (think domain matching is a snap. And of course the ability to use quotes means that you can now have rules that are case sensitive.

Perhaps the best feature is the test mode. It’s used to see what the effect of a given rule would be if it were run. This feature runs the rules and collects a list of all the emails that it would have operated on but rather than executing the actions, displays them in a grid so you can see exactly which emails are affected. This facility is great for testing out a new rule to make sure you have designed it exactly the way you thought you did.

This new version, being released for Windows 10 and/or Outlook 2016, also adds two new buttons when going to read or compose a new email; one (for reading) is the Close and File button, and the other (for when composing new emails) is the Send and File button. They will each perform their normal action (either close the email, or send the email) then immediately offer you a chance of where to file the email.